Hello world and hello to new dogs!

Welcome – Bem-Vindo (in Portuguese)

So here we start with the first post and our fist story.

We came here to our little farmhouse in 2014. We had one old Portuguese hunting dog with us.

Once we got settled down we traveled about 200 miles to collect a stray dog from a friend’s farm. He was huge although still a puppy. He is also a Portuguese breed but used to guard cattle in the mountains and that is the reason for his huge size.

Last Xmas we were driving near our home and saw an abandoned dog, which we took home.

Solange wrote a children book about this dog, called “Raji – My new life.: Tales to inspire your kids“.

Anyhow, we are a three dog family, but Solange’s heart is big and soft when it comes to animals. Yesterday we drove to Lisbon in the morning and encountered a female dog (mother( and her little daughter by the side of the road not too far from our home,

We were in a hurry so Solange just gave them Fuji’s food for the day (he is traveling with us – but that is a story for another day). We agreed we will take care of these two if they did not disappear.

To our surprise, when we were back, we encountered FOUR dogs, all females, and of course, as it was not far from home, Solange stepped out of the car and led them to our home, where they got water and food.

Here they are marching…


So now we have 7 dogs to take care of. Three inside the property, and 4 outside in the olive grove near our home.

Tomorrow Solange will call the local dog kennel to see what is the procedure of getting them a home. We hope for the best!