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It is time again for fresh Pizza and Spaghetti

June greets us every year with an abundance of lovely, water mouthing smell OREGANO bushes.

Oregano is a major participant in the preparation of Italian food, and we also use it for curing our own olives, on which we will talk later on when we prepare them this year.

The oregano buses are in full blossom now, and we use them in their fresh form in our summer salads, spaghetti, etc.soon they will get dry.

Soon the oregano will dry, and at that point, we pick up the branches, bring them home and take off the Oregano leaves, which we store until next summer.

Gorgeous, tasty and absolutely 100% Bio !!!  Another perk of living in the Portuguese countryside.

Fresh oregano bush

“It’s too darn hot!”

In the last few days, the temperatures in Portugal are between 40 degrees Celsius and 45 (104 to 113 Fahrenheit), which is so very hot that we got a weather red alert.

To top it there were more than hundred fires all over Portugal. Portugal has lots of forests, and every summer there are fires, some small some big.

This time there was a very big one, about 100 km north of us, that had a huge death toll – more than 60 people died – and so the whole country is officially mourning for three days.

Meanwhile, our dogs, who are street smart, pass their days inside the cool house, sleeping the heat away.

In the photo are three strays we picked up 3 weeks ago, Ami (in front), Sheldon and Galga. Rest assured the other four are also sleeping

Introducing – Shorona

One of the dogs we took home is a puppy. She is small and young, and now, after several days here, she is full of energy and happiness.
The other three are spending most of their time outside our fence, but Shorona, as she is tiny, enters and exits the fence as she pleases.
Therefore she also enters our home because the doors here are always open.
She is having the time of her life with Fuji, Raji, and Rafa.
The sounds that came out of her in the first two days were only high pitched cries like she was weeping all the time. That is when Solange christened her as Shorona – Cry baby in Portuguese.
And now, the future lady