“Shine bright and believe in your beauty”

Today, a lovely customer of ours, Natalié Morrison, posted an incredible post on Instagram. We asked her immediately if we can share it with our network, and she agreed.

Here is her Instagram post:

“…because some of you lovely ladies wrote me a message
because of my IG story.

So my waist girth is 60/61 cm.
And no, I don’t wear a corset, I don’t do any waist training
and I don’t do any sports. Well, I do horse riding from time to
time and I walk a lot but that’s it. I don’t put any weight on
and talked with a doctor about it a few years ago.

I’m absolutely healthy and just blessed with good genes and
a little waist. My whole family is slim and fit without much effort.
So I’m sorry that I can’t give you any waist training advices.
☹️ But I can give you another advice: You don’t need a tiny
waist or a slim body to be pretty. You ladies just need to shine
bright and believe in your beauty. Don’t waste your time running
after all the weird beauty standards that social media platforms
are showing you. You don’t need to squeeze yourself
into a corset and you don’t have to run into the gym because
magazines are telling you that you need to look like this
or like that. Enjoy life, laugh, have fun and that’s all you need.

You are all absolutely stunning. ❤️? “




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