Just You… Pure Beautiful Woman

So Speaketh Natalie:

Natalie is Made in Berlin Philosophy student Ex- Fashion advisor, and she has words of wisdom that we asked her to share with you:



“No make up, nothing.

Just me.

And an important message to my female followers: Please stop all the self-doubt. I see posts of beautiful women saying how fat they look or that they hate their faces, etc. Stop it!

I’ve never ever hated myself. I’ve always loved my body and I love to show myself. Even though I was very skinny back at school and people were rude but I always believed in my beauty and grace. (And you know what? These kids from the past are now trying to add me on facebook. Writing me messages about my incredible change. Ha!)
I have flaws as well. Everyone has flaws. But that’s what makes you unique. Or do you want to look like a member of the Kardashian family? Fake, full of botox and plastic and like a blow-up doll?? Show the world who you are, ladies! Shine bright and please, start loving yourself. ????”

Thanks for the inspiring words, Natalie, and do carry on!

If you want to contact Natalie do so on Instagram #nataliescholz

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