Big Custom Made Signs That Come in Parts (not Assembled)

Danielle and Ryan, Precious customers of mine, put my attention on the fact that when they got their custom made sign, which was made of four parts due to its big size, they did not know how to assemble it
Due to the size of our oven I can not “cook” bigger pieces than 10  by 10 centimeters (or 4 by 4 inches) so then  As most ceramic tiles are 4 by 4 inches or 6 by 6 inches, the same problem exists with the ceramic tiles.
For my customers, I want to give instructions about assembling and using the tiles.
It all, of course, starts with the decision where do you want to use them. Are they going to serve as coasters? a decorating creation that will lay on a table or a shelf?

In this case, I suggest you either glue to the back of each tile a sheet of cork like these images.

You can also glue some felt (which I do not have an example to show you)
* If you want to have cork on the back of your tiles, please let me know and I will do it (for a small extra fee)

Other customers want to fix it on indoor doors or partitions (or walls) and in this case I recommend using a double-sided self-adhesive tape.  Here is an example. The number 8 is glued to our front door with double-sided adhesive tape.

* If you want to have double-sided self-adhesive tape on the back of your tiles, please let me know and I will do it (for a small extra fee)

If these should be fixed to an outside door then the best is to use some ready mix glue paste for tiles (like nail free glue they use for pictures)

All these images are from our own house, and how we use these signs

Here is a special present I made for the “in baskets system” of my husband!

Here is how I get the pieces together in a video :
and here are the pieces themselves (this is a big plaque with 9.2″ by 9.2″)
If you have any question. please ask me using the form on the contact page or using my email soulbysolange (at) gmail ).) com.
I’ll be happy to answer any question.