Morning Coffee

We moved in June 2018 to our new home near the town of Cadaval.

Every place has its own traditions, and the food is a big part of the tradition here in Portugal.
A good morning starts with the morning coffee (the Portuguese breakfast if you will), and the best place to have t is in one of your locals coffee shops.

The coffee itself is absolutely fantastic all over the country and you can get your favorite brand name in one of the coffee shops in your area, but the bread is a totally different story.

Every region, sub-region and sometimes even village, has its own bread, and bread rolls.
Even if they are called the same, the taste is absolutely unique to each place.

Well, all this was to explain the image of our local coffee house and please take notice of that yummy, crusty bread roll (you can almost hear it cracking).

I love Portugal! no doubt about it!