How-To Fix Ceramic Tiles (Azulejos) To A Wall

This might sound complicated and a job for a professional but, actually, it is a very simple and easy task. You can watch all the steps in the attached video.
Here are the steps:

  1. Buy a ceramic tile “glue” in any hardware store. It is usually a very cheap white powder that you need to mix it with water to make it into the paste you will use.
  2. Mark the place on the wall where you want the ceramic tiles to be, and make sure with a level that it is horizontal. Mark a line where the ceramic tiles should “sit” on.
  1. This is a level
  2. Prepare the glue paste, and once it is ready, apply a good quantity on the back of the tile.
  3. Position the tile on the wall making sure the bottom of the tile aligns with the line you drew before.
  4. Press the tile and then leave your hand a few seconds to support the tile.
  5. Wipe clean the paste that overflow the tile.
  6. That is it! You are done!

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