Our lead artist, Solange.

Solange Co-founded and is creatively directing Soul by Solange Atelier.

She is consumed by the traditional Portuguese designs and the ceramic workmanship, and she designs with dedication all her creations so you are satisfied forever.

You will upgrade your home with her ceramic panels, and tuen it into a mansion. Her jewelry enhances your beauty and reflects your personality and uniqueness.

Her creations serve well as presents to you or others you love.

The Atelier

We create all our designs and prodycts in a small village surrounded by the beautiful Portuguese nature.

The calm, peaceful life makes it easy to dedicate our effort to produce these awesome items to bring beauty and uniqueness to you and yourr home..

All our items are  handmade using only the best Portuguese ceramic, paints and glazing, according to the traditional Portuguese.

The Montejunto ridge overlooks over our atelier